The first half after two minutes of recovery with Parma, which almost doubled in the final, finishes with Parma 1 to 0. forward.
A moment later, with a big shot, the Ivorian still hit the crossbar
Dangerous Gervinho on counter-attack, ball out diagonally at 44 ‘.
They were created on two occasions for equal Genoa, but behind still risks against the pace of the forward guests

Kucka’s header, with Zapata saving himself in the corner at the field turnover,

Scamacca, one meter from the door, lifts the goal, warm error of the Genoan bomber, at the half hour big game of Pellegrini crossing well.

Long Griffin action with an utterly false conclusion at the end of Milan Badelj

Genoa is trying, but the speed of the rivals ahead must be taken care of.

Sepe comes out at 21 ‘Sturaro Crossa and returns the sphere with his fist.

Gagliolo, hurt, Laurini enters,

Shomurodov’s 16 beautiful action leaps an enemy and kicks from a few inches, but Sepe gives him the shot again.

Sturaro in the penalty area held back by the safety of the Ducali, Genoa’s rapid response to the target

GOOOLLL DEL PARMA serves Gervinho in depth at 11 ‘Kucka, who does not offer escape to Paleari, taken from behind Zapata, 1 to 0

Cornelius’ danger of being braked by the opposing defenders in the field, then comes out of the Pellegrini region in style

Strike foul by Cornelius, who struck the post with his left hand

Two minutes after Gervin’s sinking, Goldaniga rescues himself in the corner,

Sepe ground parry, right kick after Osorio’s mistake, at the 1 ‘Scamacca on the shot

Ghifglione descends directly with a cross, Gagliola touches it then Sepe blocks it.

First Genoa-touched ball, down!

Minute of recollection in memory of Diego Armando Maradona’s disappearance

The two formations lined up on the field, the anthem of Series A

Teams that have done the warm-up will soon have Mr. Mariani di Aprilia as referee.

An significant conference, but not just for Genoa. Also Parma has its own lovely cats to the skin, a rating that is obviously not quiet and a coach, Fabio Liverani, on the grid with the management who asked him to play in a different way than in the past. Genoa-Parma is a clash between communities that are still looking out and seeing very few teams behind them. In the meantime to overcome the Dukes, but also to follow up the successful rebound with a final win in the Italian Cup derby, a performance for the Griffin will be necessary. It is the first of two challenges to be played on Monday by the Red Blues. Monday night will also be the next championship match and will put the Red Blues in front of Fiorentina al Franchi, in Tuscany,