Andrea Belotti is trying to leave for Genoa, where his team will meet Genoa at Ferraris at 5 pm tomorrow. In the end, the injury he received against Lazio seems less extreme than expected, and for a struggle that is really really necessary for his colors, the striker needs to attempt a miracle recovery. The player even met with trainers including Armando Izzo, who did differentiated training, separately this morning.

Just one point in the rankings and a triumph that disappeared in a very sensational fashion in the rebound against the Romans. For Marco Giampaolo’s troop, two tests not to be missed; that of tomorrow and the following against Crotone, two true play-offs of redemption. The former Sampdoria coach is in the balance: his career could be marked if he does not bring about an outcome in these two situations. On the other hand, it is always the coach who pays when things are not going well.